The company has unique product advantages in the four major fields of petrochemical industry, biopharmaceuticals, nuclear power plant . It is one of the few domestic suppliers of key equipment system related to the whole process of design, R&D, manufacturing, inspection, testing, onsite operation and maintenance of control valves under special working conditions.
The company has introduced a five-axis machining center from Japan, digitized and informatized the existing finish machining equipment, used integrated flexible processing technology, thus realizing the normalized and linear manufacture of control valves and the big data management, and promoting the innovation of control valve manufacturing mode for advanced manufacturing methods and excellent manufacturing quality.
  • First-class facilities
  • Professional technicians
  • High-quality products
Honors and qualifications
butterfly valve SIL certificate
Equipment Manufacturing License
API Fire certification
Globe valve SIL certificate
China Classification Society Type Accreditation Certificate
CE Authentication
Regulating Valve SIL Certificate
Manufacturing license
Design Permit
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