Electric power industry

The electric power industry is an important basic energy industry for the development of national economy, which provides support for the healthy development of all industries in the national economy, and is of great significance to the improvement of people's living standards. The top of the world in China's electric power industry include: the world's largest grid, the world's largest installed capacity, the world's highest transmission voltage class, the world's largest power generation, the world's most numerous GW thermal power units, the world's longest EHVDC transmission line, the world's earliest operation of GW ultra-supercritical air cooling units, the world's largest hydropower installed capacity, the world's largest hydropower station and the world's highest double-curvature arch dam.

The rapid development of national economy has greatly promoted the development of China's electric power industry. Safety, economy, low pollution and water saving are the requirements for development of China's electric power industry in the new era.

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