Nuclear power

The utilization of fossil energies, such as coal, petroleum and natural gas, has had great influence on human's survival, development and progress. In the 21st century, people pay more attention to the quality of living environment and living space. The greenhouse effect and acid rain caused by massive use of fossil energies have caused serious damage to human's living environment. Moreover, after long-term exploitation, fossil energies are gradually exhausted to the extent that they are not enough to support the development of the global economy. When looking for alternative energies, people begin to pay more and more attention to the application of nuclear energy, mainly the nuclear energy power generation. Development of nuclear power is the main direction of future energy structure adjustment in China, and the investment in the nuclear power station will greatly exceed that in conventional power plants. The national strategy for nuclear power development has changed from "moderate development" to "positive development".

The company has the design and manufacture license of civil nuclear pressure-retaining components of the People's Republic of China. Its nuclear power products have passed the tests and technical appraisals under nuclear safety grade-2 and grade-3 requirements, and their quality assurance level meets the requirements of QA1 and QA2. The company provides safe and high-quality control valve products for nuclear power units in operation and under construction in China.
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