Textile and chemical fiber

China is a strong country in textile production and export. Chinese textile industry, after years of development, has had obvious competitive advantages. China has the world's most complete industrial chain and the highest processing level of textile. Many developed industrial clusters in China keep improving their self-regulation capacity to cope with market risks, which provides a solid guarantee for the steady and sustainable development of the industry. In addition, China is the world's leading consumer of fibers. 70% - 80% of the man-made fibers produced in China is used for domestic consumption. However, with the continuous expansion of production and construction, China's export proportion of man-made fibers will gradually increase. It is expected that the global demand for all kinds of fibers will rise to 95 million metric tons by 2020.

As a domestic first-class control valve manufacturer, the company provides the textile and chemical fiber industry with reliable and high-quality control valve products under special working conditions that can substitute those imported similar products.
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